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Play the green game!

Can card and board games have an influence on the environment? Much has changed in recent years in terms of the ecological awareness. People have started to notice the problem of Earth being polluted with synthetic materials. Changes should apply to every aspect of our lives, and our hobby must be a part of this. This is where Fabryka Kart comes to aid you, offering an alternative to traditional games – ecofriendly game variants!

Playing… with the environment

Due to the pandemic, board and card games have become even more popular. The people, locked up home, have discovered the joy of common ‘analogue’ entertainment anew. At the same time, the pandemic has exacerbated the problem of our planet being contaminated by synthetic materials, due to the common use of disposable masks and gloves. The reduction of the use of plastic in all areas of life has become an important direction of development for those entrepreneurs that appreciate the fate of our planet. Looking at traditional board or card games, we note that they also generate a lot of waste (in particular synthetic film and plastic playing pieces), however, in the long term, it will take hundreds of years for them to decay, due to the synthetic materials they are made of. Does this mean that board game fans are to abandon their fun from now on?


Cards on the table

The solution is a compromise. Caring for the environment, Fabryka Kart started developing ecofriendly game variants so that you can have your cake and eat it, too. The company is ISO 14001 certified – this is the most rigorous standard concerning environmental management systems, developed based on international norms. The certificate is a confirmation of persistent implementation of all components aimed at maximum reduction of the negative impact of an organisation on the environment.




What is an ‘ecofriendly game’?

Once, board games were truly ecological. One would have a board that is drawn in the sand with a stick, with stones, shells or nuts as playing pieces. Even though we cannot turn back the development of civilisation and return to our origins, we can use state-of-the-art technologies to fight for a cleaner environment. The usage of revolutionary discoveries and innovative machinery to create games using environmentally friendly materials is a bull’s eye. Wood, cardboard, recycled paper or reprocessed fabrics are just as durable as plastic pieces, and are biodegradable or recyclable. Fabryka Kart uses ethically and responsibly sourced materials. In addition, ecofriendly game variants can be covered with Biocidal Coating, providing the players with protection against microorganisms.


Multi-dimensional experience

It is worth noting that the haptic properties of plastic are rather poor compared to e. g. wood. Wooden playing pieces are more elegant and look prestigious. Holding a cardboard piece is quite a different experience than holding a plastic piece. The uniqueness of the experience lies in the structure of the material and in its properties, sometimes it’s also the smell. Contact with natural materials brings unexplainable pleasure and comfort with itself. We have the same thing when reading a book: many people prefer printed versions to e-books, and clothes made of natural fabrics are friendlier than those made of synthetic materials.




I will play (eco?) games!

The fun, smiles, emotions that accompany games are priceless – just like our planet and its resources. We must therefore search for eco-alternatives. In terms of quality and usability, ecofriendly games are on par with traditional games, and their production reduces environmental impact practically to zero. Ecological game variants come with added value: unique sensory experiences and the nobility of the materials used. It’s worth it to move entertainment to a new eco-level!

We will make your game

We know games by heart and understand people who enjoy them, spending quality time with them. We are looking forward to working with you!

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